Innovation, as an attitude, is the response of a company to meet the challenges and opportunities of technological advancement and knowledge in general. Renewal (read, innovation) provides objects (equipment) and methods, the application of which is aimed at sustainable progress that has no other aim than excellence.

In an exemplary and unparalleled in Portugal way, EPDM shows a volume of investment in equipment at the technological forefront it is stated as a company's undertaking given innovation.

Proof of this is the recent acquisition of an MLA (Mineral Liberation Analysis), supported by a sample preparation laboratory equipped with the best products / equipment that the market can offer.



MLA, a particular case of an electronic microscope, allows the production of knowledge / information from a separate, fast and controlled manner. This knowledge reverts favorably in two specific sectors of mining, which will EPDM is on.

On the one hand, the exploration sector benefits from the considerable enhancement in the interpretation of their results, the understanding of which allows us to draw more efficiently and safety approach strategies to mineral deposits.

On the other, in terms of treatment of ores, MLA, by their nature, offers the possibility to extract information with unquestionable usefulness in improving their processes, identifying and correcting problems.



Although the acquisition of a machine of this kind represents a substantial economic investment, the advantages that are inherent materialize a quick return to legitimize their acquisition.

In this way, a bet convinced innovation not only offers better results, but also ensures a growing autonomy that aims to develop a supply of services on a global scale.