Professional Education


Included a wide Investment Project, Continuing Vocational Training is an area of extreme importance for EPDM, SA.

We believe that the enhancement of human capital is a prerequisite for the achievement of the goals and strategy of the Company. We aim, in addition to the legal duty, the development of qualifications, technical and relational skills of our employees.

Essentially aimed at increasing skills in a development context and improvement, between 2009 - 2014 sought to address the specific needs of each direction, linking actions to the productive operations and focusing mainly on training as. Shares held training / awareness covering 376 employees, and a volume of 37,608 hours of training in various areas:


• Quality, Environment, Safety and Emergency;
• Miners Equipment Operators;
• Surface Equipment Operators;
• Explosives Operators;
• Informatics and New Technologies;
• behavioral Area;
• Foreign Languages.


This market allows us to respond more effectively and efficiently to the growing challenges and results in added value for employees, company and customers.